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Wow! I can go for 4 more years! Awesome!
Joe Biden, US, Age: 81, test taken 22nd March 2024
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I would like to learn how you are calculating these. I will try to eat breakfast from now on and exercise better. xD
Marwa A, Netherlands, Age: 19, test taken 13th March 2024
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I'm very lucky more 60 years
Hanmanthu N, India, Age: 20, test taken 4th March 2024
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Pretty close to what I thought. Mom made it to 90. Dad to 87. I expected at least 80. Thanks!
John G, US, Age: 57, test taken 26th February 2024
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Ahhhrghhhhhhh why is this so. I would stop smoking and consuming alcohol. Instead I should eat healthy foods
Henry G, Belgium, Age: 54, test taken 14th February 2024
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My doctors and family seem to think I won’t make it past mid 40’s considering my current medical history and situations, now this test can’t factor that info into its results but it still took some of that pressure off!
Anna, Canada, Age: 18, test taken 26th January 2024
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Pretty happy. I got over 90 years, solid!
Matilda, Norway, Age: 18, test taken 24th January 2024
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Don't worry when i about to die i will buy you a coffee
Manju , India, Age: 46, test taken 18th January 2024
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29 more years! If I live that much longer, my entire skeleton may end up titanium with all the joint replacements I had and need
E.C, US, Age: 46, test taken 21st December 2023
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I have already lasted longer than I expected. Keep up the great work
David V, Australia, Age: 40, test taken 21st December 2023
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This is a lot better than I thought, and I believe that it'll only get better, as I'm dating a girl now and may marry her one day. She makes me have a positive outlook on life, so I could live to see the year 2100!
Ian M, US, Age: 15, test taken 17th December 2023
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That’s not to bad a fairly good life if you have been thru what I’ve been through!
Jim m, US, Age: 70, test taken 16th December 2023
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Not sure how to find my BMI However it looks like I still, have 2+ years left, I better stop worrying about increasing my portfolio, I can’t take it with me, so, I won’t check it daily as I do now.i will check back in 2 years to see if I’m still here, if I can
Carol, Canada, Age: 85, test taken 7th December 2023
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Honestly, I'm not surprised. I wouldn't be surprised if this was (pardon the pun) dead on.
Kevin P., US, Age: 46, test taken 5th December 2023
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Taking into account my profession (boilermaker/Welder) combined with substance abuse and various work place injuries the death time frame is generous.
Max, Australia, Age: 58, test taken 4th December 2023
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Validated! ! That I will outlive my husband by a year ... I keep telling him I will haunt the hell out of him if I go first cause he can never date again. But I see now he'll go before me....
Helen, US, Age: 41, test taken 24th November 2023
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Im kinda happy that I wont have to witness Elon Musk brainwash all of us with his chips years later.
Lolbitz, Australia, Age: 14, test taken 9th November 2023
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My heart dropped when I saw the seconds tick down and the minutes ticking down
Neill , US, Age: 12, test taken 8th November 2023
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You predicted my death at 61 years of age before. I said impossible.... and then I had a heart attack at 61 years of age. Survived ...quadruple bypass. Lets see if I can beat 14 years this time around.
BeeGee, Canada, Age: 69, test taken 6th November 2023
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I'm scared, but that timer has motivated me to do something
Ayden, US, Age: 23, test taken 23rd October 2023
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I am immortal. You may take from the tree of life to be immortal. Proverbs 3:18. The tree of life is in Eden but not where you expect. Search in the North.
God, US, Age: 17, test taken 21st October 2023
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64 years is sufficient time period for my life. Thank you
Ganesh , India, Age: 25, test taken 28th September 2023
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Aw man, I wanted to live until the age of 69 and then die from mysterious causes.
Misty G, US, Age: 15, test taken 17th September 2023
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Terrified. 5 stars
Penny, US, Age: 9, test taken 15th September 2023
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bruh i was supposed to be immortal
Nico, US, Age: 12, test taken 13th September 2023
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Its amazing means I have 73 years to live and enjoy my life
Taniya C, India, Age: 16, test taken 12th September 2023
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If you're right, I'll buy you a coffee.
Rob, UK, Age: 48, test taken 29th August 2023
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I am so happy because I think that in 2083 Elon Musk will make an machine to transplant brain, so I think after all I will die at 3008
Bivash, India, Age: 18, test taken 24th August 2023
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If this is inaccurate I am sueing you when I get a lawyer for traumatizing me!
Caden, US, Age: 10, test taken 7th August 2023
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Wow. I’d better quit smoking.
Me , US, Age: 44, test taken 4th August 2023
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I want to find something so that I can go to the future, I want to correct some mistakes, please help me
Deepak , India, Age: 22, test taken 23rd July 2023
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I am excited to see technological advancements and human achievements in 2085 and I will try my best to serve humanity until I die
Aditya, India, Age: 16, test taken 22nd July 2023
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I was thinking that my death day will be sooner then estimated by you. Thanks to making me feel better!
Alan, Brazil, Age: 38, test taken 20th July 2023
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Lol this seems pretty accurate I love how it tells exactly how long I’ve been living down to the days.
Maxx, US, Age: 28, test taken 20th July 2023
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I wasn't that scared till i saw the countdown. I watched it for a good while....wouldn't recommend
Brenner, US, Age: 13, test taken 14th July 2023
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Hmm very interesting. Yes I am morbidly obsessed. But having fun in life.
Mike, US, Age: 57, test taken 14th July 2023
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Doing this was so fun and cool. Thank you for calculating the rest of my time among the living.I thought I would die sooner than what you guys have predicted. This death day knowledge has given me a new lease on life. The Death Clock is Totally The BEST!
Mike, US, Age: 55, test taken 13th July 2023
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Much less than I thought I’m a little scared but i’ll live with it lol
Ava C, US, Age: 15, test taken 11th July 2023
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That is terrifying I kind of love watching the timer go down though lol
Phoebe, Australia, Age: 12, test taken 3rd July 2023
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wow im honestly suprised that im going to live that long. also the seconds counting down really makes me ask myself what im doing with my life.
Brady m, Canada, Age: 16, test taken 29th June 2023
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I am not sure how accurate this is but thanks. Love the idea 👽
Daniel J Dixon, UK, Age: 24, test taken 20th February 2020
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thank you honestly if this is real ill get my kids to text you
Lily, UK, Age: 13, test taken 4th February 2020
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Another seventeen years, five months and one day to go?! Gosh darn you Death!!! You freaking suck.
Summer W, US, Age: 40, test taken 4th February 2020
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Very surprised. I do not smoke, I am physically active, I have a good BMI, and there is a family history of long life spans.
Judy, US, Age: 66, test taken 2nd January 2020
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Disappointed with my date. Younger than I like. Can you hint or predict what I'll die from? I would work hard to prevent it.
Calah M, US, Age: 37, test taken 2nd January 2020
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pretty cool! it’s fun to calculate the stuff! I think this is a fun website for when you’re feeling bored or interested
Shana, US, Age: 11, test taken 24th December 2019
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My family history said they lived till 75 this said i will till 78 wow and befour when i was 10 i looked up family members that passed and it said there time expired mind blowing thanks gives me positive energy wow i belief this is ligit
Brandon, US, Age: 27, test taken 24th December 2019
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Thank you! I always think i will die in my 50's not my 80's
Dee, US, Age: 44, test taken 15th December 2019
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I am horribly dissatisfied, my remaining life said five seco-
Figgleworth B, US, Age: 13, test taken 10th December 2019
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Wow I always asked myself when I would die know I know. Great app!
Alex, US, Age: 10, test taken 9th December 2019
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Great,I will leave the kids a few bob if I dont have time to use up my pension.
brian, UK, Age: 49, test taken 4th December 2019
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I'm almost happy with my result : 67 years , but since l'm obsessed with rounded numbers so l would prefer 70 and also l wish to die on the day that l was born . Thanks death clock , that was entertaining .
Mina, Iran, Age: 41, test taken 4th December 2019
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Actively trying to reduce BMI with keto and exercise. Will try again in few months.
Bombon H, US, Age: 53, test taken 1st December 2019
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hope i live longer than predicted your calculations are really good compaired to other death clock predictions
john h, US, Age: 70, test taken 1st December 2019
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I smoke a pipe not cigarettes also I am going to live forever unless someone finds all the horcruxes so there !
Arun C, UK, Age: 61, test taken 27th November 2019
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Oh, come on. I play tennis all the time; give me another six months just for being able to still totter around the court.
George C, US, Age: 74, test taken 24th November 2019
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My death clock reads 22 April 2027. I will be glad to give you further comments on 23 April 2027 👍. See you then 😊.
Edward D, US, Age: 70, test taken 14th November 2019
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I just want to see million euros in my account. After that I dont care.
Ellena, Slovakia, Age: 19, test taken 12th November 2019
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I think you’re spot on. Based on other surveys I’ve taken the past few years.
Hays D, US, Age: 79, test taken 15th August 2019
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I guess I had better enjoy Retirement a little more, drink a little less, and pray earnestly for forgiveness.
Phillip, US, Age: 63, test taken 6th May 2019
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I better start doing way, way more exercise!!! I do eat a lot of salads and fruits, though.
John F, US, Age: 61, test taken 1st May 2019
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Interesting experiment but only God knows the day of my death.
Susan B, US, Age: 56, test taken 27th March 2019
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This website caused me to stop drinking completely, thanks
Jake, US, Age: 56, test taken 22nd October 2015
+10 / -1

If I outlive 84 years you guys owe me 1 million dollars
David, US, Age: 15, test taken 29th July 2014
+3 / -5

Lies! 80 years, 7 months, and 2 days?! I shall live exactly one second longer just to beat your clock!! Muhahaha >:D
Alexander, US, Age: 16, test taken 29th July 2014
+5 / -3

Well that is a age people die at but I never thought I would get that result I don't smoke or drink and I've got good health and I plan on keeping it that way... I wanna be here till the end of time
Panda , UK, Age: 20, test taken 15th July 2014
+5 / -3

Less than a year - bit on the mean side what? My bags are packed farewell cruel world!
Tiger, UK, Age: 65, test taken 14th July 2014
+4 / -0

I know that most people will not like this test but thanks for making it, It's strangely comforting to see a projection of thee days I have left even if not true it gives me a reminder to value what I've got if you get what I mean. So thank you. only 18467 days left. better make em good ones.
Wes, US, Age: 16, test taken 12th July 2014
+3 / -4

Sweet I'm gonna die before i turn all old and crazy.
Saylor B, US, Age: 18, test taken 10th July 2014
+19 / -15

I'm going to keep on drinking, smoking, eating fried foods, sitting on the couch & watching TV, and yelling at people.
Me also, Mexico, Age: 46, test taken 4th July 2014
+6 / -4

I'm Supposed to Die in Bed with a 22 Year Old Blonde at the Hands of a Jealous Boyfriend
Shawn M, US, Age: 49, test taken 8th June 2014
+4 / -7

Oh my god this is the scariest thing I've ever seen you actually watch your life slip away, second by second. I'm happy to live longer than average, but still! OMG!
Lexie, Canada, Age: 14, test taken 16th September 2013
+14 / -2

Well I know I wont live that long cus I play like 8 hours of pc a day (that will change when I get my own place, but prolly bit late by then) also I don't wanna live to be 80 years old unless I have just as much energy. If I could live forever I would take it, sounds dumb, but if I had the ability to live forever, I would dedicate my life to saving / helping others.
Mads, Netherlands, Age: 15, test taken 15th September 2013
+8 / -5

With all the money I spend on multi-vitamins, silica pills, Acai capsules, q10 pills ,4 cups of plain white tea among others, I expect to live longer than that. Please explain.
Brian , Australia, Age: 35, test taken 24th August 2013
+334 / -143

Consider the other tests to be inaccurate, and yours to be more accurate. Given my family history (males living until their mid 90's) yours is more reflective of what I would consider reality; especially since my aerobic and strength testing rates me in the top 10% of my age group. Trying to just use just BMI as the others did is a pretty weak methodology. But if folks do not like what you or the others say they can always contact a life insurance company and see what their actuaries say. But at the end of the day we are all moving toward, "our end" every second of every day we are alive.
Deats, US, Age: 66, test taken 18th August 2013
+20 / -22

I was sent here by a ten hour Youtube video...I'm happy to know I'm gonna live to be old!
Shannon C, US, Age: 15, test taken 10th July 2013
+3 / -6

STEVE, , test taken 5th May 2013
+3 / -7

I am a Kenyan marathon runner, I'm running the London marathon on Saturday, if I'm alive in 212 days I'm hunting you down. I will run to find you all way from my hometown village of Wilmania.
Joseph A, Kenya, Age: 18, test taken 19th April 2013
+4 / -0

Seems like alot longer than I ever thought. Hope all my body parts remain working correctly. Geez I need to get busy there are things I still have time to do.
Sherri S, US, Age: 56, test taken 16th March 2013
+48 / -4

You estimated my life expectancy more than what I really expect.
Amir Q, Pakistan, Age: 48, test taken 13th March 2013
+4 / -7

Bob, Iraq, Age: 107, test taken 12th March 2013
+193 / -173

Hell man I better get a few quick party's organised X
Dudemourant, UK, Age: 50, test taken 7th March 2013
+4 / -4

Feels great I have found my date of death. So I can celebrate my date of death in my life along with my date of birth ceremonies.
Farum, Pakistan, Age: 28, test taken 5th March 2013
+4 / -10

One of my grandmother's died at 93. The other at 97. The date of death is my grandmother's birthday, the one that died at 97. She died on my birthday. That would be cool if I died on hers. Thanks, Cookie
Cookie, US, Age: 58, test taken 4th March 2013
+5 / -9

well that sucks, im going to be old and gray. so much for the optimistic view.....kidding :)
Milan, US, Age: 31, test taken 23rd February 2013
+11 / -7

Have you considered the advances in technology and health in the near future and that immortality is predicted to be achievable by 2120
Alex S, UK, Age: 15, test taken 22nd February 2013
+34 / -15

I don't think I want to live this long the spirit might be willing but the body will be well past it's sell by date. :-)
Kes, UK, Age: 55, test taken 22nd February 2013
+6 / -0

I realise I need to change how im living my life. Thanks for this.
Jake, US, Age: 20, test taken 20th February 2013
+4 / -2

Cool! I've been watching my life tick away ever since I found this site I am going to start celebrating my death anniversary every year!
Johnny B, US, Age: 49, test taken 20th February 2013
+4 / -0

I am thrilled to know that I will be around for so long
Liz, UK, Age: 66, test taken 19th February 2013
+6 / -56

Awesome. at least i'm not gonna be wearing diapers
Nathalia S, Brazil, Age: 16, test taken 2nd February 2013
+5 / -0

life is in gods hand not in yours, please try to understand
Sabih, India, Age: 14, test taken 29th January 2013
+4 / -108

Very good estimate. most males in my family died at between 77-85 years of age. national life expectancy for a 65 year old is 80 according to several sources. very interesting! and remember, it's not the years in your life but the life in your years! attitude and lifestyle habits are 90% of life expectancy, genetics about 10% I think.
Dan M, US, Age: 65, test taken 20th January 2013
+13 / -2

Jokes on you. I'm an immoral leprechaun. But still a pretty cool site.
Anonymous, UK, Age: 21, test taken 15th December 2012
+12 / -1

I just found out that, if I keep up the way I am going now, I will die in 2077. This means that I will die in a nuclear war like in Fallout. Epicness.
Brian, US, Age: 14, test taken 13th December 2012
+21 / -2

Holy crap! I have to start doing things with my life! Like nowwwww!
Taryn, Canada, Age: 12, test taken 6th December 2012
+11 / -2

this seems so inaccurate cause im not a normal kid... im suprised the streets havent killed me yet
zach, US, Age: 16, test taken 5th December 2012
+4 / -8

Aces! so much better than I expected! and I don't even floss
EPH, UK, Age: 26, test taken 5th December 2012
+15 / -2

F***, it's counting down. School suddenly seems less important. 8D
Jane D, US, Age: 14, test taken 1st December 2012
+4 / -4

My Russian "friends" do not accept these kind of threats. In USSR is not acceptable to tell people when they will die. We won the war for you and you still want to kill us!!! I cannot tolerate that you say true Russians live less than the US and A p****s.
Daniil A, UK, Age: 14, test taken 27th November 2012
+5 / -7