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wat in dah world.. i die wen god tells mi its my turn..
+2,175 / -1,881

Go f*** urself.....!
Neil, India, Age: 23, test taken 3rd April 2012
+969 / -1,127

Ive just wasted my final seconds doing this
+896 / -903

CHUCK NORRIS, USA, Age: 72, test taken 16th March 2012
+574 / -368

The clock says I'll live to be 85 that's way too long for me. I'm going to start smoking, drinking, and having a more pessimistic attitude towards life.
+546 / -474

I should be dead, by the calulations
Jabron, US, Age: 92, test taken 13th May 2012
+528 / -307

i dont like your website young lady/gentleman, i have been on this earth for almost 93 years and i dont approve of this tom foolery. good day.
C Menisquad, US, Age: 92, test taken 18th April 2012
+358 / -261

Challenge accepted.
Jordan, Canada, Age: 22, test taken 23rd October 2012
+343 / -91

With all the money I spend on multi-vitamins, silica pills, Acai capsules, q10 pills ,4 cups of plain white tea among others, I expect to live longer than that. Please explain.
Brian , Australia, Age: 35, test taken 24th August 2013
+334 / -143

Only God knows when my time is up. That is what I believe. However, I know I am on the correct path for my hubby and I are both trying to stay active and continue to lose weight and eat healthy. He quit smoking in 1994. (my suggestion but he did it) Awareness is heightened know about procrastinating on anything.
Judy S, US, Age: 69, test taken 16th April 2012
+266 / -364

You have no say in when i die. God does. thats wut i thought.
+238 / -29

Can you make me immortal? I don't want to die!!
+215 / -146

lawl I am amazed, GO SLAVE HAMSTERS!
Jeff, US, Age: 11, test taken 16th March 2013
+207 / -113

Hey! This death calculator is totally accurate, I tested my Great-Uncle's Birthdate. (He was ill) I have to admit I wasnt going to believe he only had a few months, but he died only 2 days different from the calculation. FREAKY!
Jet McLeod
+202 / -105

Holy s*** what am i doing with my life??? Listening to Awesome Face Song 10 Hours when I only have 24779 days 13 hours and 35 mins!!
luckistarz, US, Age: 14, test taken 24th October 2012
+195 / -40

Bob, Iraq, Age: 107, test taken 12th March 2013
+193 / -173

Just cancelled my life insurance policy! The death clock saved me a ton of cash! Thanks
Tammy, , test taken 25th October 2012
+191 / -34

you wrong. I dont die.
God, Canada, Age: 15, test taken 3rd May 2012
+187 / -170

OH S***
Nick, Australia, Age: 14, test taken 19th April 2012
+180 / -160

I was hoping it would be sooner.
Josh, US, Age: 28, test taken 7th June 2012
+165 / -96

Can I buy more time?
Steve, US, Age: 52, test taken 23rd April 2012
+165 / -35

I'm 40, and the calculator said I'll live to be 80 and months. I have the other half of my life to live. ;)
Johnny, Canada, Age: 40, test taken 15th September 2012
+141 / -34

No, no, no, I wanted to see the turn of the century...
R Jordan, US, Age: 15, test taken 2nd April 2012
+129 / -23

I really have to wait 25 more years? Bummer.
Erik, US, Age: 37, test taken 19th September 2012
+123 / -36

how is this possible? I am morbidly obese. Every morning that I wake up is a surprise
Dave, US, Age: 60, test taken 11th August 2012
+121 / -38

Being a coward is the only thing that has stopped me from ending it all thus far. So I found your web site 'fun'
James, US, Age: 51, test taken 19th June 2012
+119 / -31

90 years old may be a bit longer,but no matter how long I live,we should treasure our lives and experience everyday meaningfully.
sinro, Hong Kong, Age: 19, test taken 29th March 2012
+119 / -110

Does lots of masterb***** shorten or extend my life expectency?? That should probably be one of the factors on the calculator
+106 / -23

ARRRRRGH! I'm getting a massive loan quick. I got 4 years left, I'm getting out my face drunk and all the hookers I can.
Martin L, UK, Age: 57, test taken 19th October 2012
+104 / -37

These are not from real people...they are from the publisher of this website.
+103 / -177

Hi! I do smoke everyday without telling my parents is it not good for my life?
M Salone, India, Age: 12, test taken 31st March 2012
+92 / -78

As I am superfit at 79 and indulge daily in cycling, rowing, boot camp and weights (and just last week won 3 gold medals in rowing,) I expect to live to 113 yrs, so get stuffed....
Graham, Australia, Age: 79, test taken 27th July 2012
+91 / -45

You didn't think that I might be a suicide bomber.
Bob, , Age: 19, test taken 11th June 2012
+87 / -45

Hey death clock guys, new to the site, just thought i will let u know im gonna live till im 74, woohoo! Oh im woohooing cause i like to get drunk most nights! Thanks an keep up the good work! Kev, age 18 from liverpool.
+86 / -55

You should a pregnancy calculator to see when you will get pregnant!
+82 / -48

93 years, 3 months, and 15 days? O-O I'm going to outlive my late grandma....
Megami, US, Age: 18, test taken 5th May 2012
+80 / -15

Wow! I don't have to pay more any taxes!
Eduardo, Brazil, Age: 71, test taken 15th March 2012
+75 / -23

When did the death clock say you were going to die Ed?
+71 / -13

I love this web site it is really entertaining. thanks!
+61 / -27

Seems accurate and thanks
Dawson, US, Age: 79, test taken 7th March 2013
+59 / -7

Not soon enough
Carolyn, US, Age: 30, test taken 18th April 2012
+58 / -34

Oh great just 7 months and 5 days after I flipping well retire!!
Nick , UK, Age: 43, test taken 28th April 2012
+57 / -14

I can't wait to be old and senile.
Samantha, US, Age: 17, test taken 13th March 2013
+54 / -9

Don't want to reach 62! Will i get a couple of years knocked off if i increase the cigarettes?
+52 / -82

as long as im not mudered im cool...... am i gonna get murded?
+52 / -24

John, US, Age: 61, test taken 26th June 2012
+50 / -20

Seems like alot longer than I ever thought. Hope all my body parts remain working correctly. Geez I need to get busy there are things I still have time to do.
Sherri S, US, Age: 56, test taken 16th March 2013
+48 / -4

After the results came, it displayed how much time is left for me to die...I thought, wow life is so precious, each second is precious...well I shouldn't waste it.....Thanks very much.....
Saptarshi, India, Age: 16, test taken 24th October 2012
+43 / -17

You dirty creep how dare you predict my death date ... (thanku very much)
Romeyo, India, Age: 20, test taken 20th July 2012
+43 / -45

I don't know if I can wait that long...
Skeeter, US, Age: 61, test taken 23rd June 2012
+43 / -21

Im not afraid about dying but about being old,bso im happy when you predict i'm not going to live many years
+40 / -7

Wow i didnt think id live that long... thats an ok age i guess
Rainee T, US, Age: 15, test taken 25th April 2012
+39 / -15

I died from fear which made your calculator incorrect.
Dyldo, Australia, Age: 16, test taken 8th November 2012
+37 / -12

That's awesome! Now I need to just get another heart and become a Time Lord!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!*rants*
A Shire, US, Age: 14, test taken 18th April 2012
+35 / -6

Have you considered the advances in technology and health in the near future and that immortality is predicted to be achievable by 2120
Alex S, UK, Age: 15, test taken 22nd February 2013
+34 / -15

I wish i want to leave 75 years as long as i cure thank u
Mohammad A, India, Age: 20, test taken 15th May 2012
+34 / -9

94 is close to 100, so I guess if I continue to exercise and eat healthy food regularly then i might have a chance to get a letter from the Queen!
Nancy, New Zealand, Age: 16, test taken 20th September 2012
+33 / -3

Taiwan people live 93 years :O Omg I wanna be asian
+33 / -8

Wow this seems kind of odd for me I would expect to live an ancient age because I consider my life pretty healthy. Anyway thanx for making this it was fun!
Yukiko, Japan, Age: 22, test taken 12th August 2012
+32 / -11

Chris S, UK, Age: 60, test taken 25th April 2012
+32 / -44

Hay friends I will die on: Saturday, 25th July 2076
Vijendra P, India, Age: 15, test taken 13th March 2012
+30 / -15

thanks 4 reminding life is running too fast. we are loosing our precious seconds...
Milna, India, Age: 12, test taken 30th September 2012
+27 / -6

I am shocked. I have an 11 yr old son that I want to spend a lot of yrs with so I am gonna get on the ball and get healthy and quit smoking in an effort to live at least a little longer than that...
Dante, US, Age: 50, test taken 13th September 2012
+26 / -5

Quite surprised that My heart failure which kills 75% within 5 years wouldn't have killed me a lot sooner, or the diabetes wouldn't have been a factor.
Paul, UK, Age: 43, test taken 15th March 2012
+26 / -2

thats well cool im slowly dying byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x
Nicole A, UK, Age: 13, test taken 7th July 2012
+24 / -6

You will live to be 68 years, 2 months and 1 days old - Well I think thats pretty good. Imma f****n party like hell till then
+23 / -10

can u predict pets deaths and can u predict when i get pie!
+23 / -8

I... I... can't believe it i'm going to die soon.
Lisa W, US, Age: 15, test taken 19th March 2012
+22 / -13

DAMN REAPER 60???? 60????? DAMN... Well pass the beer, I’m dehydrated cause of the weed.
+22 / -5

I just found out that, if I keep up the way I am going now, I will die in 2077. This means that I will die in a nuclear war like in Fallout. Epicness.
Brian, US, Age: 14, test taken 13th December 2012
+21 / -2

Consider the other tests to be inaccurate, and yours to be more accurate. Given my family history (males living until their mid 90's) yours is more reflective of what I would consider reality; especially since my aerobic and strength testing rates me in the top 10% of my age group. Trying to just use just BMI as the others did is a pretty weak methodology. But if folks do not like what you or the others say they can always contact a life insurance company and see what their actuaries say. But at the end of the day we are all moving toward, "our end" every second of every day we are alive.
Deats, US, Age: 66, test taken 18th August 2013
+20 / -22

Thanks for telling me i will be dead soon. very kind of you!
Mandy V, US, Age: 70, test taken 26th July 2012
+20 / -3

Sweet I'm gonna die before i turn all old and crazy.
Saylor B, US, Age: 18, test taken 10th July 2014
+19 / -15

Started wondering what the world would be like in 2079
Liam V, US, Age: 13, test taken 21st September 2012
+19 / -4

My expectancy is the age of 70. I am ok with that. I work with elderly people everyday and I really don''t want to live to be 90. I can now set my mind at a bit of ease. Thank you!
Sarah Z., US, Age: 28, test taken 29th July 2012
+18 / -7

And my pension age is 67 . What a rip off
Gary, UK, Age: 48, test taken 10th May 2012
+18 / -7

I have been smoking for 58 years, I've had 9 heart attacks and two open heart surgeries. I am 70 years old and living large. SOOOOOO Shove your death clock up your a**.
+18 / -17

how am i going to die??
+18 / -18

less I live = less tax I pay
whitewog, UK, Age: 61, test taken 2nd December 2012
+17 / -4

I felt some what uncomfortable knowing about my death
Vignesh , India, Age: 18, test taken 17th March 2012
+17 / -6

this is uber freaky!! i am shi**ing my pants I don't want to die, and im not going to y'all are crazy cause i am clearly a super human who shall rule the world!! >:}D
Brayden, Canada, Age: 17, test taken 11th September 2012
+16 / -12

good work grim reaper i will reward you for your good job, stealing souls and sending to me
+16 / -41

This site is fun. People are dumb for getting upset. It may not be 100% on track but its for fun. Come on people lighten up. This site is fun.
+16 / -5

Aces! so much better than I expected! and I don't even floss
EPH, UK, Age: 26, test taken 5th December 2012
+15 / -2

why in the **** would you put something so ****** ****** online
+15 / -26

Oh my god this is the scariest thing I've ever seen you actually watch your life slip away, second by second. I'm happy to live longer than average, but still! OMG!
Lexie, Canada, Age: 14, test taken 16th September 2013
+14 / -2

last time i checked this i was gonna die at 42, thanks for the reprieve
dave, Canada, Age: 44, test taken 28th March 2012
+14 / -5

Very good estimate. most males in my family died at between 77-85 years of age. national life expectancy for a 65 year old is 80 according to several sources. very interesting! and remember, it's not the years in your life but the life in your years! attitude and lifestyle habits are 90% of life expectancy, genetics about 10% I think.
Dan McPhail, US, Age: 65, test taken 20th January 2013
+13 / -2

Jokes on you. I'm an immoral leprechaun. But still a pretty cool site.
Anonymous, UK, Age: 21, test taken 15th December 2012
+12 / -1

it really puts into perspective how long we really have on this planet. i'm scared
Dylan, Canada, Age: 19, test taken 12th September 2012
+12 / -6

I will have to lose some more weight and do more time down the gym. 24 years to go doesn't sound that long. :-(.
Johnny boy, UK, Age: 60, test taken 8th September 2012
+12 / -3

well that sucks, im going to be old and gray. so much for the optimistic view.....kidding :)
Milan, US, Age: 31, test taken 23rd February 2013
+11 / -7

Holy crap! I have to start doing things with my life! Like nowwwww!
Taryn, Canada, Age: 12, test taken 6th December 2012
+11 / -2

They're gonna get 4 more years of taxes out of me than I planned if this is right! That's it-- I'm killing myself! Oh alright--I'll let the fluoride do it.
Wandering Bear, US, Age: 59, test taken 8th October 2012
+11 / -3

2025 is too far away. I'm not going to wait that long.. So your calculations are wrong.
Kaz , Australia, Age: 45, test taken 10th May 2012
+11 / -6

is it real cuz im very optimistic wth negative thinking ...
K Jagpal, India, Age: 25, test taken 31st March 2012
+11 / -2

this website is fu**ing good. o yes babby.
+11 / -4

I want to know how i am going to die. Also i want to know how you know when i am going to die!!!!
+11 / -3

This website caused me to stop drinking completely, thanks
Jake, US, Age: 56, test taken 22nd October 2015
+10 / -1

O_O this s*** is ticking down!? S***! I have to do lots of stuff before i die!
Kevin B, US, Age: 13, test taken 21st October 2012
+10 / -6

To be honest I was hoping for another decade at least...
Andrew, UK, Age: 22, test taken 19th October 2012
+10 / -6

its kinda scary.. to see your life ticking away, obviously its not completely accurate but still.. gives me perspective
me, US, Age: 16, test taken 26th September 2012
+10 / -2

It's scary seeing time tick away regardless of what you do to try and stop it.
Joshua, UK, Age: 16, test taken 21st September 2012
+10 / -4

Well...I dont think its right
Anna, Germany, Age: 43, test taken 19th May 2012
+10 / -7

im already inmortal, so its really entertainment your web site, for me of course.
+10 / -8

As a joke I went to a hand reader and she told me I will live to around 80 and my result was 80...so...yeah guess it is final...sadly
Matthew H, US, Age: 13, test taken 28th September 2012
+9 / -4

Because of this, I decided I won't drink anymore. Taking out my one drink a month gives me 4 more years added to my life.
Thomas, US, Age: 19, test taken 1st May 2012
+9 / -4

I hope this is accurate.LOL HA HA I know its just something for fun probably though.
Macio D, US, Age: 55, test taken 12th March 2012
+9 / -9

Well I know I wont live that long cus I play like 8 hours of pc a day (that will change when I get my own place, but prolly bit late by then) also I don't wanna live to be 80 years old unless I have just as much energy. If I could live forever I would take it, sounds dumb, but if I had the ability to live forever, I would dedicate my life to saving / helping others.
Mads, Netherlands, Age: 15, test taken 15th September 2013
+8 / -5

Happy, but it is a little depressing to watch your life tick away...
Gavin, US, Age: 14, test taken 21st September 2012
+8 / -5

MINCEY J., US, Age: 48, test taken 3rd June 2012
+8 / -8

Will it happen as per the death clock? if so Im very happy and well informed to all the family members
Udaya K V, India, Age: 45, test taken 29th May 2012
+8 / -3

Didnt think i would live that long...
N Hodges, US, Age: 16, test taken 1st April 2012
+8 / -1

I now hate Saturdays.
Sandy, US, Age: 14, test taken 17th February 2013
+7 / -21

Well done thats not bad. Just enjoy the life. Death may come and death may go but we are going to live the life. The Great Poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar Died in the age of 32. And the unwanted devils like Karunanidhi, Lalu Prasad Yadav Indian Politicians living longer. So it never mean how long we live it only mean how we live.
Ramasubramanian, India, Age: 27, test taken 9th September 2012
+7 / -421

I got 25528 days 19 hours.... i'll be 93....da f*** i wanna be that old for??
Becca, US, Age: 23, test taken 30th March 2012
+7 / -4

Thanks for the heads up for when im going to die but i still would want to know how im going to die. That would be awesome if you could predict that.
Nate Dogg
+7 / -31

I'm going to keep on drinking, smoking, eating fried foods, sitting on the couch & watching TV, and yelling at people.
Me also, Mexico, Age: 46, test taken 4th July 2014
+6 / -4

I don't think I want to live this long the spirit might be willing but the body will be well past it's sell by date. :-)
Kes, UK, Age: 55, test taken 22nd February 2013
+6 / -0

I am thrilled to know that I will be around for so long
Liz, UK, Age: 66, test taken 19th February 2013
+6 / -56

i will save this and I will hope I live longer than 80. :)
Dawson, US, Age: 13, test taken 9th October 2012
+6 / -26

This is very amazing and reassuring gadget. Congratulations for this amusing and unpredictable gadget.
J Caceres, US, Age: 82, test taken 2nd April 2012
+6 / -4

Hopefully I live to be this old.....Maybe older im only 7 years away from 98. ;)
Katherine S, US, Age: 91, test taken 12th March 2012
+6 / -1

Dat woz mad!!......sooo many years left wow!!
+6 / -6

Lies! 80 years, 7 months, and 2 days?! I shall live exactly one second longer just to beat your clock!! Muhahaha >:D
Alexander, US, Age: 16, test taken 29th July 2014
+5 / -3

Well that is a age people die at but I never thought I would get that result I don't smoke or drink and I've got good health and I plan on keeping it that way... I wanna be here till the end of time
Panda , UK, Age: 20, test taken 15th July 2014
+5 / -3

One of my grandmother's died at 93. The other at 97. The date of death is my grandmother's birthday, the one that died at 97. She died on my birthday. That would be cool if I died on hers. Thanks, Cookie
Cookie, US, Age: 58, test taken 4th March 2013
+5 / -9

Awesome. at least i'm not gonna be wearing diapers
Nathalia S, Brazil, Age: 16, test taken 2nd February 2013
+5 / -0

Exactly the age of my father when he passed
Jim G, US, Age: 53, test taken 8th January 2013
+5 / -0

My Russian "friends" do not accept these kind of threats. In USSR is not acceptable to tell people when they will die. We won the war for you and you still want to kill us!!! I cannot tolerate that you say true Russians live less than the US and A p****s.
Daniil A, UK, Age: 14, test taken 27th November 2012
+5 / -7

Well I would love to live longer than 81 yrs, 9 mos and 18 days, but I'll take it!! I believe in the Lord coming to rapture us before that date though, so it's all good!!
Tina F-D, US, Age: 46, test taken 3rd May 2012
+5 / -11

ohhh no! I think I will die earlier this time u said! 77 years is too long for me!
Nila, Iran, Age: 25, test taken 24th April 2012
+5 / -8

What will I do till age of 85 ? isn't it too long? My opinion about life is to live it not to drag it.
Meena R, India, Age: 51, test taken 22nd April 2012
+5 / -83

OMG Is this true... coz i looked on another website and it said i die in 2075 and this says i die in 2084, Thanks
Roan, UK, Age: 10, test taken 18th March 2012
+5 / -17

This is funny and very cute!
Carrie, US, Age: 51, test taken 15th March 2012
+5 / -2

Less than a year - bit on the mean side what? My bags are packed farewell cruel world!
Tiger, UK, Age: 65, test taken 14th July 2014
+4 / -0

I'm Supposed to Die in Bed with a 22 Year Old Blonde at the Hands of a Jealous Boyfriend
Shawn M, US, Age: 49, test taken 8th June 2014
+4 / -7

I am a Kenyan marathon runner, I'm running the London marathon on Saturday, if I'm alive in 212 days I'm hunting you down. I will run to find you all way from my hometown village of Wilmania.
Joseph A, Kenya, Age: 18, test taken 19th April 2013
+4 / -0

You estimated my life expectancy more than what I really expect.
Amir Q, Pakistan, Age: 48, test taken 13th March 2013
+4 / -7

Hell man I better get a few quick party's organised X
Dudemourant, UK, Age: 50, test taken 7th March 2013
+4 / -4

Feels great I have found my date of death. So I can celebrate my date of death in my life along with my date of birth ceremonies.
Farum, Pakistan, Age: 28, test taken 5th March 2013
+4 / -10

ANDRES, South Africa, Age: 28, test taken 4th March 2013
+4 / -37

I realise I need to change how im living my life. Thanks for this.
Jake, US, Age: 20, test taken 20th February 2013
+4 / -2

I sh** my pants.
Melker H, Sweden, Age: 17, test taken 20th February 2013
+4 / -3

Cool! I've been watching my life tick away ever since I found this site I am going to start celebrating my death anniversary every year!
Johnny B, US, Age: 49, test taken 20th February 2013
+4 / -0

life is in gods hand not in yours, please try to understand
Sabih, India, Age: 14, test taken 29th January 2013
+4 / -108

this seems so inaccurate cause im not a normal kid... im suprised the streets havent killed me yet
zach, US, Age: 16, test taken 5th December 2012
+4 / -8

F***, it's counting down. School suddenly seems less important. 8D
Jane D, US, Age: 14, test taken 1st December 2012
+4 / -4

cool story bro.... needs more dragons
Daniel G, US, Age: 18, test taken 14th November 2012
+4 / -2

I am sure I can do better than 87 years, 8 mos and 4 days!!! Need to knock off a few more lbs! Thanks Death Clock!
Sharon, US, Age: 62, test taken 2nd October 2012
+4 / -5

i think this is a good age to live but not sure about that age if your right i'll e-mail you another letter if not don't worry i'll be happy if i'm close
fran, US, Age: 56, test taken 24th September 2012
+4 / -28

This is wrong. I am outraged.!!
Uchiha, UK, Age: 23, test taken 18th September 2012
+4 / -13

time for me seems to be running out
Jjohn B, UK, Age: 56, test taken 28th August 2012
+4 / -2

Thats what I kinda thought. Good..not too old where I'll be a burden. But old enough to have lived!
Marcy Grace, US, Age: 59, test taken 9th August 2012
+4 / -2

Relieved.. I will pursue my Psychology degree because I know I will leave until old age...
Noma, South Africa, Age: 26, test taken 27th July 2012
+4 / -12

This was great info. I did my husbands too and he has till he turns 66 yrs old and mine is at the ripe old age of 74 yrs.
Vicki F, US, Age: 47, test taken 10th July 2012
+4 / -2

It said i would die in the yr 2080..that really freaks me out, wanna know why? Ive always had this weird feeling that i would die around the age of 80 ( i would be 81 in 2080 ) and i took 3 other death tests and one of them said 2081 and the other two had the number 8 in it..
Alli, US, Age: 13, test taken 26th June 2012
+4 / -3

Didn't think I was going to live for ages ahaha
Patsy, UK, Age: 17, test taken 22nd May 2012
+4 / -3

Makes me pretty anxious
Iwan, Spain, Age: 28, test taken 13th May 2012
+4 / -3

wawo i cant belive i live 70 years
Asma, Pakistan, Age: 22, test taken 9th May 2012
+4 / -3

Kyle S, Iraq, Age: 7, test taken 9th May 2012
+4 / -5

I cant believe this
Ashley MS, US, Age: 15, test taken 8th May 2012
+4 / -4

Thanks for the information..
Padip, India, Age: 53, test taken 8th May 2012
+4 / -8

Rima, Russia, Age: 27, test taken 25th April 2012
+4 / -2

I hope I live long enough to get my pension and enjoy it
Justin, Canada, Age: 47, test taken 9th April 2012
+4 / -2

I am scared.... hahahahah...... no-one can predict death in the world.
Rohit B, India, Age: 27, test taken 5th April 2012
+4 / -3

I will be extremely pleased to live to your prediction of 86 years, obviously only if I stick to my present moderate way of living!
Carolyn, Spain, Age: 64, test taken 5th April 2012
+4 / -1

I Love this web side, very thanks to you; your true friend in my life! If you want any help, please contact me!
A Pradhan, India, Age: 31, test taken 3rd April 2012
+4 / -2

Jake, US, Age: 13, test taken 2nd April 2012
+4 / -2

PANDA, Australia, Age: 14, test taken 29th March 2012
+4 / -6

ahhhhhhhhhhhh im going to die
F Paull, UK, Age: 12, test taken 28th March 2012
+4 / -2

I thought that if I don't drink and smoke I live long. But s*** is scares me coz my friend drinks and smokes and he's live more than me. How the hell is that possible??
V Nair, India, Age: 20, test taken 24th March 2012
+4 / -2

As long as i can still smoke till i die im ok with livin 73 yrs lol
Ahmed A, Canada, Age: 19, test taken 21st March 2012
+4 / -3

Hell no man i want to live longer
Tyler H, US, Age: 16, test taken 19th March 2012
+4 / -1

Thats bull s*** i not gone die when im 68 how the f*** you know when im gone die. yeah right go kick rocks........
+4 / -15

i'm so happy that i will die 92 years from now..OMG! i can't believe it!!!
+4 / -12

am i realy going to die :(
+4 / -22

This website is AWESOME!!!! But also kind of depressing.....Thanks for the entertainment!
+4 / -64

It says I am going to die at 79. I do not believe that. I'm a nonsmoker. I am 4ft 11in, 80lbs and 16 years old. I am NOT anerxic. I do eat a lot, I just happen to work out more. I'm in great shape and I believe I'm going to die older than that because i'm not like every other fat American who has love handles and likes to eat at McDonalds. *Shudders* Gross...
+4 / -32

I think your death clock is a peice of c***, you have no evidence of when people are going to die, Theres not nearly enough question for the right answer.
+4 / -22

If I outlive 84 years you guys owe me 1 million dollars
David, US, Age: 15, test taken 29th July 2014
+3 / -5

I know that most people will not like this test but thanks for making it, It's strangely comforting to see a projection of thee days I have left even if not true it gives me a reminder to value what I've got if you get what I mean. So thank you. only 18467 days left. better make em good ones.
Wes, US, Age: 16, test taken 12th July 2014
+3 / -4

Armand M, US, Age: 14, test taken 25th August 2013
+3 / -33

I was sent here by a ten hour Youtube video...I'm happy to know I'm gonna live to be old!
Shannon C, US, Age: 15, test taken 10th July 2013
+3 / -6

STEVE, , test taken 5th May 2013
+3 / -7